Aikido Yoshokai is Aikido as taught by Akira Kushida-sensei, 7th degree black belt, and president of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America (AYANA).

AYANA is a non-profit educational corporation established by Takashi Kushida-sensei. AYANA is dedicated to teaching Yoshokai Aikido and educating the general public about Aikido in particular and Japanese Budo in general.

Aikido Yoshokai Calligraphy by Takashi Kushida-sensei

"Aikido Yoshokai" Calligraphy by Sensei Takashi Kushida

Although Aikido is a martial art, the focus is harmony. There are no competitions in Aikido. Students work together as partners to study Aikido techniques. Success is not measured in wins and losses. Aikido is a study of cooperation, augmented by an intense focus on respect and etiquette. Although we study very dynamic and powerful techniques, our goal is to learn harmony and respect through the Shite/Uke relationship. In our Aikido, Uke (oo-kay) gives the energy of an attack. Shite (sh-tay) then leads Uke's energy, guiding Uke into a throw or pin. To have Aikido you must have both people. Without Uke's energy, Shite cannot study how to guide, throw, and pin. Without Shite, Uke cannot study how to safely fit with and receive Aikido techniques. On the surface Shite and Uke seem like opposites, but in reality Shite and Uke are a pair that fit together.

With such a close proximity to Genyokan Dojo, Jackson students have the opportunity to attend many special clinics and events held in the Ann Arbor area.

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