Aikido is a non-competitive art based on the philosophy and martial arts of the Japanese Samurai, which focuses primarily on throwing and pinning techniques. Though it is an effective form of self-defense, it is not a fighting martial art.

Aikido Calligraphy by Takashi Kushida-sensei

"Aikido" Calligraphy by Takashi Kushida-sensei

Aikido is best described as a form of Japanese Budo. The traditional Budo arts of Japan are a path for personal growth through mental discipline and physical training which evolved out of the philosophy, lifestyle and training of the Samurai.

Although it does not involve sparring or competition of any kind, Aikido's basis in the fighting techniques of the Samurai is apparent in its powerful throws, pins, and weapons techniques.


Jackson Aikido offers separate adult (ages 14 and up) and youth (ages 6 - 13) programs. While the concepts of Aikido taught in both programs are the same, the youth program has a greater emphasis on discipline and creating nice relationships with healthy exercise. Adult classes contain a more rigorous workout with more dynamic throws and pins.

New students are welcome to start at any time. Please wear loose fitting clothing with long sleeves and pants. Class fees vary depending on your Y membership status.