Membership can sometimes be confusing to new students, as there is both Aikido Yoshokai of North America (AYANA) and the Jackson YMCA. Below is a summary of these memberships, but we will be happy to explain in further detail and answer any questions you may have in your first few weeks.

Jackson YMCA Membership

Becoming a member of the YMCA has many benefits. The associates at the front desk will outline what it can offer for you and your family. Specifically related to Aikido, YMCA membership gives you a discount in your Aikido class dues.

Visit for more information on becoming a member of Jackson YMCA.

AYANA Membership

Students of Jackson Aikido are encouraged to become members of the Aikido Yoshokai Asssociation of North America (AYANA). AYANA membership is required for attending special events at Genyokan Dojo in Ann Arbor. Membership also gives you access to test for rank and purchase training items (instructional DVD, uniforms, weapons, etc.) at a discounted rate. While testing is optional, it is a natural progression in your study of Aikido. Membership is renewed at the beginning of each year. New students may have their memberships prorated depending on the time of year you begin. Speak with our treasurer for more information.

Begin the AYANA membership application by applying online.

Follow the online steps. Your application will be completed in person with our treasurer.


Testing is offered multiple times per year in both the adult and youth programs. Testing is not a requirement, though it can be very beneficial to your growth and discovery of Aikido. As mentioned above, students testing for rank must be AYANA members. In addition, each level of test has an age and class requirement. Fees will vary based on the level you are testing for. For more questions, please speak with our treasurer.